Svaroopa yoga…another quality yoga and meditation method

In Svaroopa® yoga (bliss yoga), familiar yoga poses are modified to dissolve deep tensions in the spinal muscles. This relieves the spinal compression that blocks our experience of consciousness and creates illness and injury in the body. Most importantly, with the meaning of “sva” for “self” you are working in yoga sessions for complete self-improvement. sva

How Does Svaroopa Yoga Work?

Based on a significantly different paradigm in yoga poses, our practice is both physical and more than physical. We specialize in “core opening,” spinal decompression, through releasing the tensions in the layers of muscles wrapped around your spine. Svaroopa® yoga has a healing effect on all levels of your being: body, mind, and more. Our teachers provide a customized yoga — one-on-one support in every class, to give every student a whole new capacity for movement, breath and aliveness. Experience a sva2style unlike any other and steep in the pure bliss that Svaroopa® yoga delivers.


Unique Features of Svaroopa Yoga

  • “Svaroopa” is Sanskrit for your own Inherent Divinity and it utilizes its physical nature for a deeper experience of yourself.
  • Svaroopa® yoga is based on “Core Release” with spinal decompression that includes precise alignments for complete inner opening. By releasing deep tensions and regaining internal life, you can redefine your strength, stamina, and vitality.
  • Svaroopa® yoga is precise and compassionate, using props such as blankets and blocks to meet your body where it is and get maximum results in minimum time.
  • Svaroopa® yoga can be done by anyone regardless of experience or fitness level.

Svaroopa® yoga is full-spectrum yoga. You can have it all — body, mind & more. Offering you even more than healing and transformative asana (poses) for your body, Svaroopa® yoga practices also include personalized sessions, chanting, meditation, the study of yoga principles, self-inquiry sessions, and devotional ceremonies.

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