Maintaining our sanity while we try to stay inside…

We already know that more and more American states continue to require residents to stay inside except for essential work or needs in order to avoid COVID-19. Only some key businesses are able to remain open, and only the essential employees are able to go into work. Otherwise, working online from home has become the need for almost every company.

So, being stuck inside your own house could be the most frustrating or even depressing time for many. Especially if you are used to being active, rarely being at home, leaving yourself now at home alone, it can almost be insane or depressing. Trust me, I completely understand. I live alone as well and I have to try and adjust everything like my typical trips to the gym, transferring some meetings and other face-to-face work to be online.

However, you have much of a chance to work on entertaining yourself and your friends from social media and other areas. It has been fun to see what many of us can share with one another, making jokes and providing short tales for some comedy and entertainment. There are certain digital activities that can be completed and shared with others, giving access to many posts and messages with all of your social media friends.

One of the best things that you can also do is work to start your own exercise from home. If you have one of those online TV setups with digital programs, you may be able to find some free online workout videos that can help you learn some new methods. Knowing that exercise can help you keep a much better mood and improve your smile, there are some accounts like Amazon Prime video where there are many different free workouts like yoga, Pilates, and many others. You may even be able to find some very affordable exercise equipment as well and keep yourself moving.

So, good luck to everyone. Stay safe and healthy, and avoid the Coronavirus!

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