Re-opening schools this fall?

Okay… this is something that I find myself battling with so stressfully right now. We have several states presenting the dark realization of children who have faced horrible inflammatory diseases that appear to be related to COVID-19 and at the same time we have a president announcing that there is no reason to delay or even minimize the status of children in close-knit classrooms ASAP.

What can we do? How can we keep our entire households safe, no matter who may be included, if children are constantly roaming around possible transferring the virus around back and forth to one another? Granted, not all of them would be subject to these inflammatory illnesses or suffering very seriously from Coronavirus themselves. But, we may just be slashing it back and forth even worse if we send them out and about close as ever to one another.

Is it possible to make those elementary school classrooms a safe and social distanced environment? It has been known for so long that these are some of the crowded places in the world. These are some of the places where kids are most likely to catch the flu and their colds and other illnesses all year long.

So, what about a pandemic like this one? One that is killing thousands and thousands of Americans all the time? We really want to submit our children to this on a daily basis? Okay, I likely need to stop pounding on my keyboard for just a little bit, and I can think about some of this for a little bit longer before I rant and fave as to my opinion on the danger of our children and our households at large.

We all know that the Coronavirus is likely not going away completely any time soon. COVID-19 has taken over our nation very darkly, and there is something to be said about what it may still do to many of us on some level or another. It makes me glad to know that my son is older and is able to make some of these decisions for himself regarding the classrooms he will be enrolled in at the small college where he goes to school. Good luck to the rest of us!

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