The president takes it? Seriously?!?!

The president won’t wear a mask, but he supposedly takes Hydroxychloroquine in order to prevent Coronavirus? His own FDA and CDC leaders have reported that it is not safe but he is willing to shout out to the public that he has been taking it for weeks?

This seems to be getting crazier and crazier every day. It’s meant for malaria and lupus and is only intended for use in hospitals.

Trials showed many poor side effects, especially on the heart.

The president is considered to be at risk of what may happen to him as he is in that age range and potentially not the best health…this drug is not the best way to just keep it out.

I guess there is something about this recording on the news that just makes me close to laughing. Anyone else? What do you think? Is he honestly telling the reporters and American public the truth?

Come on! I want to hear what the rest of you have you say about this. This is going to turn out being interesting.

Knowing that what happened a while back after he first started touting this drug, at least one person out west overdosed on this drug when he was able to order a bunch of it. Could he not be smart enough at this point to rely upon his own scientists, doctors, and researchers?

Let’s see what happens…

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