We’ve Crossed the Line

Wow. What is going to happen next?

We have crossed the line of 1.5m cases in the United States and over 90,000 deaths from COVID-19. How much more will we do to let the states across our nation re-open while these numbers continue to rise?

States like Texas continue to see spikes in their number of cases, but they are further opening unessential businesses like gyms. The most DANGEROUS businesses where the Coronavirus droplets can be passed around so easily!

I am almost at a loss of what I should say about this…words don’t seem to exist about the threat this has placed across our nation.

What will our schools face with the amount of infection that has taken over our country? This includes all levels of schooling from elementary to college…as well as the sports that children and fans love so much as part of their academic work.

Where will we go from here? I think I will continue to banter this question on my own and see what the rest of you may be able offer as an answer!

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