What will it take for economic relief after this swift and chaotic change surrounding COVID-19?

One of the most interesting things to see argued about on the news is the length of time that it will actually take to rebuild the American economy once we have reopened.

We hear a president lash out at the public that the American economy will immediately spike back up to what it was back at the beginning of this year. However, other experts and professionals talk about how we are at a status that ranks back to the time of the Great Depression.

I know that breaking into this year I was thinking of the potential of 2020 being a pathway back into the “Roaring 20s”. But there is something else that feels like we are reliving something much worse. Vietnam and Nixon.

While the economic response that has come from Coronavirus is much more like the Great Depression with exponential levels of unemployment in only a couple of months, there is more to it. It is killing people…killing businesses. As damaging as all of that time was on the American people, politics, and government, there is so much of that going on now…even outside the results of COVID-19.

We have issues of health, of social and political natures, and even more. Where can we expect things to go from here? Only time will tell, and hopefully after the presidential election we can anticipate what to see over the next few years. At least to start!

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