More about Ananda yoga

With so much to see in yoga for everyone, at every time, Ananda yoga has been presented as an option for higher spiritual awareness along with the many other beneficial values of yoga for health and wellness. You may need stretching and toning, while other benefits like relaxation and meditation are helpful, and all of these are available in some way throughout these lessons and routines.

Ananda: Where Yoga Lives works with the subject of communities and communal living, along with all the troubles that can arise. The idea may be centuries old, but it still needs to be accepted as an approved method of living in this so-called New Age. Ananda is one of only a few hundred that have worked well so far, despite the frightening odds. During his lifetime, which ended in 1952, Paramhansa Yogananda called for the founding of spiritual communities dedicated to world brotherhood and to “simple living and high thinking.” Ananda┬áis the first response to this directive. Its remarkable history, and its present expanding horizons, are the subject of this work.

Consider the core title of Yogananda… from the original author of Autobiography of a Yogi in the late 40s, Paramhansa Yogananda. His mentee, Swami Kriyananda, wrote Ananda Yoga for Higher Awareness is a quality reference book that covers the basic principles of yoga including standing poses, relaxation poses, spinal stretches, and inverted and sitting poses, all with photographs. With all of this, there are many suggestions for routines at all levels from beginning to advanced. Kriyananda remains a world-renowned expert in yoga and meditation today.

To start, Swami Kriyananda authored Ananda Sangha Material Success Through Yoga Principles with a much longer and detailed set of poses and routines allowing for an additional in-depth look at Ananda yoga. Whether you are looking at the beginning of yoga or moving forward to more advanced study and practice, all of Kriyananda’s works are helpful.

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