Mixing economic re-opening and Memorial Day Weekend…

Watching this on the news over the past couple of days has been quite interesting. What do we have to risk by having most all of the nation re-opened this holiday weekend?

The hot temperatures and exciting atmosphere seem to have people breaking away from the CDC recommendations of healthy activity. What is the purpose of wearing face masks? Why try to remain at a healthy distance from others when outside at the beach?

With so much more coming along, like the opening of restaurants indoors and many other locations, there is so much more to worry about.

Are we likely to see spikes in cases and deaths in various locations across the country? It has already happened in some of the locations that already started opening a couple of weeks ago. Upon hearing that the ICU beds in Montgomery, AL, are already pretty much full and that Arkansas has faced a very sharp spike, there are so many questions to ask.

What could we all do? Can we convince other people to wear their masks? Can we convince people to stay home as much as possible? Is the science data really proving anything that needs to be done across our country to ease the level of these Coronavirus cases?

I have to say that there are questions flooding my head. I am only comfortable entering stores like the grocery or other essentials, and when I have to go to other places for certain tasks, I am almost uncomfortable by even just wearing a mask. Basically, it is easy to know consider the fact that masks protect others from your germs, but there is still the potential to get the Coronavirus.

Knowing the incredible rate of infection that this virus holds over everyone, whether they are among the most “at-risk” populations or not, it is helpful to believe that there is much safety with everything that will come along.

It is definitely hard to believe that the economy will recover suddenly. It is even harder to believe that the Coronavirus will simply disappear without any work. With a vaccine or treatment at least being needed to help as a solution, there are so many more steps to go after the further spreading of COVID-19 that may occur during this sudden re-opening.

Any questions from you? Any stories of what you have faced in some of the restaurants, bars, and other locations that have opened in your hometowns so far?

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