White Lotus Yoga…is it another option for you?

White Lotus yoga is dedicated to cultivating physical and spiritual growth in our students through the practice of yoga. Let us help you create space in your life for increased grace, strength, and health.

This ancient practice is more than simply stretching–yoga is a philosophy that supports the wellness of the entire person. You’ll find that our private-like classes are inspired by a variety of yogic traditions, from restorative to Vinyasa yoga, with an emphasis on strengthening the awareness of the connections between mind, body, spirit, and the greater community.

Additionally, there are many different courses available to learn White Lotus yoga online, both for a workout and as a certified trainer. If you like to teach exercise classrooms, these online certification courses are easy to access from many studios around the country.

But, most importantly included in White Lotus yoga is the access of internal Zen. You have the ability in these workouts to find some personal clearance spiritually. This is an incredible addition to the many physical benefits of yoga.

I may have to look into this one a little further and see if there are some extremely educational books or videos to bring quality White Lotus yoga workouts right there into your home!

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  1. Thank you for your time and dedication to bringing me information. Believe it or not you have been an angel for me every time I open my email I see something inspiring from you….

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