How Much Fear Has Been Added to the Mind of Our Nation?

Okay…we are in a sixth day of protest across the United States. Basically, every major city in our country is facing the presence of protests in their streets. Starting in response to the death of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer, so much more has arisen.

At this point, from the images on the television screen, things look to remain peaceful. But, what will it look like in a couple of hours? As the sun starts to go down will we see the same chaos and violence that has erupted over the past 5 nights?

Not only do we have over 100,000 deaths in our country from COVID-19, but there are violent injuries and deaths occurring between the people and police of our nation amid these protests.

So, should we all be afraid? Are there many more reasons to fear our place in the country as Americans. We may not all be the ones who are subject to the problems of racism and immigration, but we are all here located in a nation of division.

We are split by politics. We are split by race. We are split by gender. We are split by economic status. There is almost no place left in the country where we can all work together.

Here on the sixth night of nationwide protest, will we see the same violence and anarchy?

Let’s see what happens over the next couple of hours…

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