Congrats to the class of 2020!

I have to say that there is much to consider about the high school and college graduating classes from this spring. There is so much they have faced over the past year, especially with the way that everything has changed so suddenly.

Flipping over from traditional to digital education in the blink of an eye, there was so much more to happen over the past few months. With the economy and job market drastically evolving so quickly, it is such a sudden change to see what may happen as all of these kids try to find some jobs to help keep themselves alive.

Entering a near-Great-Depression situation as the past few months have hit a complete downward spike, we have so much to change for ourselves. All of us. But, these poor kids are starting from square one.

Do we think there is something to say for a large number of them entering the gig economy as a part of making their own job choices? Basically, everyone has had to work from home for several months now, and there is much to think about what this may tell us for the future.

Let’s think it over a little more and we will continue talking about it later this week!

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