Congrats to the class of 2020: Stay positive among these challenges!

To all of your grads from this spring, there is much to consider about your future! There is no reason to let yourself fall to negative worries among the effects of the Coronavirus over the past few months. Things will get better, and you have the ability to make some decisions for yourself, at least to get started in the workforce. You have overcome some incredible challenges, giving you a great step up to make your way into the workforce on your own!

Flipping over from traditional to digital education in the blink of an eye, you know plenty about having to manage your own schedule and keep yourself working hard at all times. Freelance work and a gig economy may not always be the highest-paying jobs, but it’s a start and it keeps you moving forward on your own.

You likely know a great deal about the internet and technology, and you have the ability to register for many remote work positions that provide you with the ability to work on your own schedule. There are also freelance sites like Upwork, Freelancer, Guru, and many others that provide options for project work, short-term work, and many others that are in several different fields.

We all know that it feels so much like a near-Great-Depression with the incredible rise in unemployment of the past few months. But, keep your heads up. I know I can say much at the same time as I just finished my master’s degree as well and am continuing to work myself back into the workforce. And a lot of these sites are the place that I find projects, and there is still the ability to search online job search sites like Indeed and ZipRecruiter that present many remote jobs and projects in addition to traditional jobs.

I can tell you that entering the gig economy can be frightening from the start, and it takes some time, but it is definitely a part of your own job choices available. Basically, everyone has had to work from home for several months now, and there is much to think about what this may tell us for the future. Think about your dream career, the field you want to work in, and you can start putting together a portfolio of your work examples to start gaining leads to some work of your own!

And trust me, with experience of my own in this area, I will keep sharing some more with you later this week!

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