Is There a Single Safe Space Left in America?

It’s incredible to see so much come from the return of free speech in our nation. Even if it means the public speaking out against he leadership.

But, what can we do when so many people start taking advantage of these marches to turn them into violent riots and looting late at night? To benefit from the stores they can break into while avoiding legal charges? Have we truly lost that amount of civility in our nation that this is something the president simply allows to happen…making HIMSELF seem to be the victim and raise a photo op out of it?!?!?!

At this point, we have to rely on the former president to step up and speak on camera like a true leader! President Obama is the only one who is willing to speak to the people who are willing to work for speech. For change. The current president wants to divide and hide from the existence of this in denial of what is really happening in our country.

Wow. There are so many things that could be said about what is happening here, and what we are lacking from the oval office at this point in time. And I am leaving that position in the lower case because there is no leadership in it at this point.

This is something that has to be absorbed by everyone in this country and find out how we will all lead our way to change. If we have to do so in November, then that is it.

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