Class of 2020: You have Learned More than Your Degree!

Basically, I plan to continue congratulating all of you graduates as we continue along this summer with a horribly confusing time.

Some of our states are re-opening at what seems to be an overly fast rate. Others are doing it in phases with the importance of human health and safety still there.

So, high school graduates, you may still have to enter your beginning days of college from a computer screen. Luckily, you had a chance to learn about your capabilities as an online student this past spring.

College grads…you may have an entirely different world to face. Your job interviews may be over the phone or online. Your work may be remote for a company, or even as a member of the gig economy on your own.

You have the ability to build yourself as one of the small businesses battling the Coronavirus that has taken over our nation. Some of these options include the following:

Thinking About Your Own Business? Take a look at this option…

Interested in Finance and Trade? Well, take a look for yourself!

Hey Pet People! Have you thought of investing in this industry?

No matter what, you may have your own idea for the work you would love to do. You may want to work at one of the large companies in your hometown or the city where you went to school.

But, you always have the option to work toward what you want. Fight for your dreams! Enjoy your success in making it through school and decide what would be the best for what you love to do.

Let’s think it over a little more and we will continue talking about it later this week!

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