So many great things to see and hear…

I have to admit that I can’t turn away from the news coverage of these protests, especially considering the fact that they have increased in size and decreased in violence.

Voice is louder, and intention is much clearer. There is a message being shouted in Washington, D.C. “This is what Democracy looks like!”

This is the sort of message that is something of great importance. On top of the many movements that require the unity of our nation, from Black Lives Matter to many others.

But, the president is hiding from this. Barricading the White House. Trying to make it sound like the economy is improving and that George Floyd would appreciate that?

I have to question what in the world a president or leader would reference a man who was killed by a police officer when talking about the improvement of job numbers in May (even though those numbers may not be correct).

It is wonderful to see so many peaceful protests, so large in number, with so many signs and voices calling for change in our nation. I have to say that I love all of this. Action has been taken to move toward change and improvement in our nation.

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