Thousands Mourn George Floyd at Public Memorial in Houston

I have to say that this is one final journey to a united event for many people across the country.

This is much more than the unification of many people in the protests that have covered the streets of many cities. There is a great deal of respect and appreciation that is coming from the visibility of George Floyd’s death.

While a full two weeks of protests have made their way across the nation, it is wonderful to see all of the people who are able to make the journey to the respect for the loss of George Floyd in person.

Luckily, the Floyd family has been able to see so much more than the protestors walking the streets who have been reported on television.

In all of the memorials that have been held across the nation, the family of this man is able to see how many people readily express the fact that the loss of George Floyd so horribly beneath the knee of a police officer may lead to change in our country.

Even police officers and chiefs across the nation are willing to admit that this could mean a great deal of systemic change. Improvement. REPAIR!

Let’s hope this will also lead to some of these situations that we, as Americans, can start viewing together when things need to be corrected for the benefit of our country and all the groups who face trouble.

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