Another Spike in COVID Cases…

And for some reason, our nation seems to think that the preparation for over 100,000 deaths from Coronavirus is acceptable.


Okay, there is something about this that doesn’t make sense in any way. Given the many cities that have flown into stages of re-opening, we have seen spikes in many areas across the country.

We are now up over 2 million cases in our country. And it is easy to assume that we will see many more thousands of deaths over the coming months. We are already over 113,000 deaths…and it doesn’t seem to indicate anything for our leaders to mean that more action needs to be taken.

An estimate of about 20-30 thousand deaths per month is just ridiculous. Especially if that president of ours wants to continue avoiding the fact that this virus is serious trouble for our entire nation.

So, where do we go from here? Many states are having to change their own activity of re-opening because of these incidents. What can we do as a nation to make sure that health and safety increase?

Can we support everyone to wear masks in public? I know that here in my hometown there are plenty of people that don’t seem to follow along with the need for social distancing. I admit, I try not to go in public very often, as I don’t like wearing a mask, but I do my best to follow regulations. Can we all encourage one another to keep the safety going for everyone in our country?

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