Benefit from a Weekend of Rest

One thing that reaches me the most is how much we are influenced from childhood on to work our asses off. We must work hard. We need to work all the time. And those are the only ways we are able to climb the ladder…especially for those of us working to build our own businesses and careers.

BUT…we also need a little rest now and then! Sometimes I know that I realize I have gone a couple of months without a single day off. Without even sleeping well because of all the time that I spend working and simply thinking about work.

And you know what? This weekend I realized that I had two days to take a typical weekend for myself and simply spend some days one my own taking care of real personal issues. It was TRUE RELAXATION!

Friday evening I got to sit down and chat with some friends on their deck and have a couple of beers. Just some laughs and relaxation…some time to simply release the workload from my shoulders. At least no reason to think about work for a couple of days.

Then, yesterday was a Saturday where I was simply able to go get my hair cut (haven’t done so in well over a year), get a manicure for these horribly dry and beaten hands, and go grab a few groceries that I needed for the fridge.

Both yesterday and today I got a decent run complete out in the sun, with some activity and fresh air wonderful to have without worrying about any work needed to be done. And, of course, after the heat wearing me out I was able to come in and finish my workout in the house with the TV on.

Either way…no matter what I have been doing over the past couple of days since I last left work, I have been able to rest and relax. It also adds hope that I will be fully refreshed tomorrow morning as I return to work planning on the final week or so of a major project I am completing.

So, I recommend it for all of you entrepreneurs every now and then! We know that work is so important to building a business…but you have to remember your own refreshed mind being able to work well for all those clients you will add to your list!

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