Could We Believe in Dr. Oz’s Latest Diet?

There is something about this that doesn’t seem to quite make sense to me. Promotions for the diet state it to be separate from the ketogenic diet. It is a program that the doctor came up with completely on his own.

However, in some of the articles and interviews done with the success stories of the diet, the doctor’s invention is often referred to as the ketogenic diet. The reference to the diet named “Vital Synergy Keto” provides the insinuation that it relies on ketosis like the standard ketogenic diet does.

One of those success stories can be read here.

So, this isn’t a diet? That is my first question! I have often doubted the idea of diet pills to simply lead people to these overwhelming results without any changes to their diet or exercise habits.

Maybe I question these types of products too harshly at times. Possibly this is from my own previous attempts at using some of the most popular and well-recognized weight loss supplements. They didn’t work on their own for me. I had to at least make some partial adjustments to my eating habits and return to a regular exercise regimen.

What do you think?

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