Enjoy Aerial Yoga…Looking the Most Entertaining!

Aerial yoga is known for working out on a special kind of hammock, usually hold over aerial1650 pounds. Different supports are available in these hammocks, including support chains, a webbing strap, a silk hammock and carabiners. Most commonly, two support chains hang from the ceiling all the way close to the ground, with the height of the set by the user. The hammock is also a swing that supports users’ hips in all positions. Because some of these difficult bends would be harder in mat-based yoga poses, the hammock in aerial yoga may offer better support. Also, the hammock’s movement further contributes to adding variety to the aerial workout.

Common Poses

aerial2Some aerial yoga teachers combine asana yoga or other methods with the use of the hammock in aerial classes. But, aerial yoga poses include the cross position, leaning back with support just above the waist, arms outspread. Another is the star inversion, where the hammock supporting the tailbone with the body bending backwards; and the one-legged king pigeon pose, like the star inversion but with one foot hooked across the front of the hammock. A bound variant has the rear ankle grasped by the hands.

Benefits of Aerial Yoga

  1. No skills or shoes required.aerial3
  2. It makes for an amazing ab workout…often considered one of the best by fitness professionals.
  3. The ability to play acrobat can be completed and add fun to your class.
  4. It becomes easier to master poses on the mat.
  5. Aerial yoga is also a cardio workout.
  6. It is a zero-impact workout.
  7. It leaves you feeling Zen!

With all of this, and the other yoga methods available worldwide, there is much to consider for the improvement of your fitness levels. Luckily, there would be great combination of all your needs into an efficient time period in addition to the seven benefits listed above. Good luck!

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