77,000 new cases in one day…can it get much worse?

Okay…so there is one type of record that is good. Break world records for athletic events and other things that are simply incredible. But, the record for the number of Coronavirus cases diagnosed daily?

And, we don’t even have access to test results being returned any faster than 5-7 days. So many people find the need to have a test taken, while they would not be able to receive the results in plenty of time to gain true medical assistance.

What is the denial of our leaders to the actual situation? Why are there no briefings and state of the union speeches regarding the COVID-19 pandemic? We have entered some sort of political state where the presidential campaign for re-election has become more important to the White House than stopping a virus that is killing hundreds of thousands of Americans.

There is a part of me completely frightened to be a part of the physical world where so many people exist, following along the path of leaders who seem to deny the presence of Coronavirus. I mean, the Georgia governor (who wears a mask) eliminated the potential for mayors to initiate mask requirements. Some of these mayors are being sued because they have put these into place!

Has the chaos of our country turned into a complete wildfire? Will we ever be able to bring it under control? I have to wonder. I know that I am still scared. I am no scientist, doctor, or researcher, but there is much to consider in this topic. It brings fear for me, and I wonder what it will take for many more Americans to realize the extreme steps that need to be taken in order for re-opening to actually be a safe event.

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