In Memory of Rep. John Lewis, 1940-2020

I will admit that I am not a history expert, but from what I have seen today on the life and accomplishments of this congressman, there is much to see about what he did for our nation during his amazing life.

Following the path of Martin Luther King, Jr., it is clear that he never stopped “stirring up good trouble” in order to make a difference.” This man has been one for activism, civil rights, and so much positive growth for our nation.

Even more, there is basically not a single word from the man I would call “President Tweet” about the life of this amazing man. He is out golfing? (I have to place a question mark after this I think, as it causes so much confusion for me…)

I would love to write more. Three decades on Capitol Hill. A congressman who worked with representatives of both sides, and there is much more to respect in his life.

It is interesting to see that some other representatives and individuals have posted in respect to “President Tweet” that they want him to stay off Twitter today. That they want to remember the beloved congressman today. There is no reason to stir up the dirt today, and that it should remain a silent day of respect and honor. Let’s only hope that his passing can be remembered that way.

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