Have we become numb to the Coronavirus?

I must admit that this is a question I have thought about for quite some time. We are a large nation, though we make up about 4% of the global population… and we make up 25% OF THE CORONAVIRUS CASES WORLDWIDE!

Have we just gotten used to hearing about these numbers over and over again? The spikes and the very fact that our own president simply ignores the state of this pandemic in his “COVID Briefings.”

So, an even more detailed question that arose this afternoon is, “Have we become numb to the numbers?” That is one thing we should all be asking one another.

There is so much more to think about COVID-19 than thinking that it is someone else affected by it, trying to find a reason to believe that it would never hurt you. But you must start to thing about a consistent way that our nation can get our arms around it. We have to get it under control and stop letting it take over the lives of our brothers and sisters, mothers, fathers, grandparents, and children.

We have even seen so many stories across the country where COVID-19 has taken the lives of young children who didn’t even have pre-existing conditions.

So, with the length of time that we have seen Coronavirus covered in the news worldwide has it just become something we expect on a daily basis? No longer something we must battle?

It is time that we complete the battle…let our true national leaders of medicine and science provide us with the answers to wrap our arms around it and find a solution!

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