I watch the clock counting down…

It’s ticking slowly. Right there at the bottom of the screen. Leading me to more and more excitement as to what the potential for change could be.

We have an amazing choice for a 180-degree turn over what has happened in our nation over the past few years.

I hate to say it, but it is corruption. It’s everything that I was worried about if Trump were to become president. He wants to be CEO of a company and not president of a nation.

He sits in the oval office touting random treatments to a pandemic, when the real scientific data that is proven is to test for the virus and put a mask on EVERYONE.

Remember the days when the claim was that COVID-19 would just sort of disappear? Like it was some sort of cold or flu that calms down in the spring?

The Coronavirus grew stronger and stronger, driving from one state to another as Trump played his drivers out on his country club golf courses.

The key point. Trump ignores the virus. He ignores the fact that sending kids back to school only fuels the flames of the virus. We already have school districts that have cases and deaths! Why in the HELL are we re-opening schools?

Because of his desire for power, Trump has been willing to eat up the lives of over 170,000 Americans at this point. How many more will it take? How high must those numbers go to prove the point?

Come on, people! Trump doesn’t give a shit about you. He’s a salesman. He sold himself to just enough of the country to get a “job.” And he’ll keep doing the same thing to only dig America into a much deeper hole of filth.

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