Rebuild the soul of America

It’s the final night of the DNC…but it is clear that there is no final word. The fight will not end.

As voters we have the ability to take action for what our nation deserves. We can make it back to a good place. To a place where we stand together for everyone.

We have access to better lives for all. All of those who have made the effort for “good trouble” over the years will be represented.

We can fight for those who fall victim to racism, police violence, and any injustice that is taking over our nation. A true leader can help us all return to that place.

Remember that four years ago our nation was on the way up. Making so many improvements. We have to believe that it is possible.

The first step in the fight. Get out and vote. Vote for the good president. Vote for the strongest pair on the ticket. Biden and Harris can make incredible movements ahead.

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