NBA boycotts the Jacob Blake shooting in Kenosha

WOW! Even more than the one team local to Kenosha, Wisconsin, boycotting their playoff game tonight, there will be no playoff games in the NBA Orlando bubble this evening.

These players are so strong to stand up for the value of lives of all those around our nation. NBA teams were the first to close down their work amongst the onset of the pandemic, leading the country into a much more awakened view of the virus.

Now there has been even more about the value of the Black Lives Matter movement from many NBA players, including social media statements and emotional television statements.

Finally, all three games that were supposed to take place tonight were canceled in the form of a social boycott. It is like the NBA and its players and coaches have been leading the way along a chaotic year to this point.

Basically, 2020 has been dangerous, ill, and near complete collapse…at least here in the United States. Can we only hope that more leading or influential voices will speak up as these very athletes and their coaches have done?

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