So, we have yet another shooting of a black man in the United States that has sparked further activism and fear. The movement continues across our country, while issues opposing the peaceful daytime protests have led to even more deaths in the city of Kenosha.

So many messages have been expressed by the Blake family regarding the need for change. It is truly time for change in this country. In our legal systems and many other places.

I know that living my life as a white woman, small with blonde hair and blue eyes, face the world in much a different way than those who have felt the effects of racism all their lives. But I don’t want to pretend that I don’t see it. It’s everywhere.

I also must admit that there are times that I jump to “judge a book by its cover.” I know that may not be the same thing as racism, but it may also be things like socioeconomic judgments and cultural judgments. Yes, race is the key point in civil rights and social justice as those battles have existed in our country for many decades.

Let’s hope that with all of the negative events and effects of 2020 that we will see some sort of positive change in the future. I know that may be an extremely hefty level of hope in this country right now, but I like to think that we are capable of turning that corner.

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