The Karate Kid, Decades Later

The true definitions of the tables turning. I know that there is so much to learn when it comes to falling under the reigns of those ill-willed leaders and their philosophies.

Make the most of karate!

I will admit that I am only at the beginning of the first episode of this new television series built upon the dark relationships that came out of The Karate Kid.

I can only ask one question at this point. Johnny Lawrence will now be the Sensei… So, we now have another Cobra Kai coming to us. Will it be as evil and misdirected as those Cobra Kai’s from the 80s?

I can definitely admit that this sounds like a circle round to the original movie. At the start of this series, Daniel Larusso is the one at the top of the pile. But, there is something eerie about the language used by Johnny Lawrence as he starts talking with his first student.

Let’s see how it goes! I must admit that these Netflix and Prime series are a ton of fun to watch. Even more so than anything that ever made its way to prime time, week night, cable television!

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