I reach about 10% of my journey into Bolton’s book…

And now there is even more opening my eyes. So much to see about what has been going on behind closed doors for the past four years now.

We all know that Trump is completely full of shit, but it is even worse to see how much of it he splatters all over the walls of the White House. Even the Situation Room.

Basically, anyone who wanted to hold any sort of a position in this Administration has to zip their lips and follow along like a muted robot. It’s the “Yes, sir” type of world that would exist under the rule of an Authoritarian like Kim Jong Un or Vladimir Putin.

I have to say that my eyes can’t keep up with my desire to learn more and more of the details that I know will come by the end of this book. Over 500 pages of depth into the mud that our democracy is drowning in at this point.

I admit to all of you that the Kindle book is a great advantage. You can jump right into it and start reading all of the fear that was felt before Bolton took on his position with the president. There were also many different clues that others offered about what would come during his days in the West Wing. I’ll definitely offer some more insight as I see it in my reading.

I’ve purchased other books as well, and I am looking forward to the latest Bob Woodward book, Rage, expressing all of the interviews that Trump succumbed to over the past 6 months. He was bound to trip himself up at some point!

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