Now 20% of the way into John Bolton’s book…

With even more facts coming to the forefront, I have to say that the recent release of interviews from Bob Woodward makes me want to purchase several of the books that have been published from Trump’s side this year. They come from his political aides, his relatives, and others close to him…and now I feel like I am learning the facts behind everything that I suspected about him before he was elected four years ago.

My eyes are open, and so many other people’s need to be. This is all so important, especially in the manner of what he was trying to do with North Korea, China, and Russia for years…leaving me wondering what more I will see in this book among some of the others that I have already purchased to keep reading.

This makes me feel like it is my job to speak out against Trump’s campaign right now in 2020 because of ALL of the lies he has been sharing with the American public for years. Much more than what we have been seeing over the months of COVID-19 the lies of sanction and tariffs placed upon foreign nations while also lying about the denuclearization of N. Korea.

We all know that Trump is completely full of shit, but it is even worse to see how much of it he splatters all over the walls of the White House. Even the Situation Room. The Bromance Trump believes he has with Kim Jung Un is absolutely ridiculous, even though he wanted to sell the American nation to them in some way to make an agreement that China told Kim not to.

Basically, anyone who wanted to hold any sort of a position in this Administration has to zip their lips and follow along like a muted robot. It’s the “Yes, sir” type of world that would exist under the rule of an Authoritarian like Kim Jong Un or Vladimir Putin.

I admit to all of you that the Kindle book is a great advantage. It is a 500-page read, but offers a great deal of truth about this president who has lied to us all from the very moment he took a seat in office. There were also many different clues that others offered about what would come during his days in the West Wing. I’ll definitely offer some more insight as I see it in my reading.

I’ve purchased other books as well, and I am looking forward to the latest Bob Woodward book, Rage, expressing all of the interviews that Trump succumbed to over the past 6 months. He was bound to trip himself up at some point!

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