And Now Dr. Redfield is “Confused”?

So, as I mentioned ealier today here on my site: “Just this morning the head of the CDC, Robert Redfield, finally admitted the most direct option to control the pandemic.”

He said this, among other things, under oath in front of congress. And now the president takes it upon himself to completely throw Redfield under the bus.

And now have you noticed that none of the former medical experts from the task force appear at these briefings? Basically, the president has continued to take it upon himself to create his own reality for the nation.

Everything is a lie to the public. But is it some sort of reality to Trump? Has he really just created this deluded image of the world where he lives? But, he just lets everyone else stew in their own shit. Oh, and they can simply die. That doesn’t fucking matter either!!!!!

However, he still can’t accept the negative effects of anything in this nation. While he goes ahead and takes credit for Big Ten football back on the schedule, the reality of hundreds of thousands of lives lost.

So, still…as I stated earlier:

I’m still baffled. It’s like every quote that comes out of his mouth just proves more and more how deluded he really is.

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