Is Our Nation Officially Broken?

Well, I know that my heart is officially broken over the state of our nation. With everything that is going on it seems that we are all sliding down an endless slope.

Where will we end? Is there any hope? When I realize that I am yelling at the television as the president stands behind a podium and blatantly lies to the American people, I have to turn the television off. And I love watching the news.

Does he not even realize that almost 200,000 Americans are officially dead from the Coronavirus?

So, then…what is the president’s reality? Do his supporters actually believe him? Do they live under the same cloudy image as he does?

I know that I trust our national scientists the most for what needs to be done. What will happen if he ends up back in office? How many more Americans will die without any action taken to save lives?

Even the head of the CDC said openly if we all started wearing masks right now, we would have the virus under control in weeks. WEEKS!!!! We have been sitting here on this deadly virus for months while a president protected only his own health and told everyone else that it would just magically disappear!

I am completely disparaged at this point. All I can ask all of you is to please vote. And remember, the health and safety of the American people is at stake.

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