A Serious Question for Our Nation: 2021?

There are so many different topics that could fit into this question. It could be more of a novel than a blog post that expresses all of my concerns about what is happening throughout the U.S. today.

I want to avoid the months of virus we have faced, far worse than the rest of the world, so let’s think about the overwhelming number of wildfires that rage up and down the west coast. Will we even have them put out by the beginning of 2021? At this point we are losing more than forests, land, and homes. Dozens of lives are already gone, with so many still unaccounted for. We are even losing the lives of those responding to these. Seriously, when we start losing the lives of firefighters at risk while they protect others, there is something to be said for this event. It’s time to start working on recovery from a federal perspective.

Even more from a federal perspective, we return to the issue of COVID-19 and what is happening all across America with this pandemic. We have not even completed the first wave of the virus. We continue with all of these spikes and averages of about 1000 deaths per day. Our country is a complete humiliation across the world.

Have any more of you thought about the connection of Coronavirus and depression here in the U.S.? We have so much to lose upon letting this disease continue to ravage its way throughout our population. With a president who doesn’t seem to care about the lives of our citizens and even less about the lives of his supporters, there is a great need for change!

There is so much of me that wants to question everything that is going on right now all over the United States. When we can see some other quality countries that have been able to keep the number of cases and lives lost to a small fraction of what has been experienced here in the U.S., it is time to make a complete 180… We need to turn around, start fresh, and get this thing under control.

Right now we have the number of Americans on unemployment continually rising every week, cases increasing exponentially, deaths continuing daily, and the trouble placed upon our national economy continued. For some reason Trump has painted this picture for himself that everything is wonderful and all of the effects of this disease are somehow in the past.

Is he really that stupid? Does he really think that the majority of the American people are that gullible to believe all of the lies he tells every day? Well, people… I can only hope that most of you will think about the ridiculous presentations he makes to the nation every day when he stands on that podium. I can only hope that most of you are able to recognize his lies. It’s just so easy to see from the way he talks right there in front of the cameras that he’s completely full of shit.

Now is the time. We are all here as the American people. And it is up to us to make the coming decision. It’s time for a change. Or 2021, and even further than that, will be much worse!

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