Minutes from the First Debate

Okay, there is so much for the American people to anticipate at this point. The first debate is taking place here in my home state, though the experience is much different than it ever was in past presidential elections.

What could be think the dramatic scenario presented by Trump will show? What could Biden do to bring everything to his own positive side?

I know what I believe. I know what I can expect. What do all of you think?

This environment is so much different than we have ever seen in the past. Even more so than the primary debates were earlier this year.

How harsh will it be? Especially with Trump’s traditional expectations of what he can lash out at everyone with on Twitter. Does he think this will be some sort of viral spread of an on-stage recording?

I have to wonder if Trump thinks that there is plenty of an option to splash around his lies and bullshit without approaching answers of the real questions that are asked.

So… with only about 2 minutes to go, we all have plenty to see of what the next few weeks will look like across the nation. Let’s see what Biden can accept from Trump’s ridiculous mouth. Keep an eye out everyone!

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