The Vice Presidential Debate: What to Expect?

Here is an interesting situation. We have the ONLY vice presidential debate tonight. And it is taking place while there is a complete hot zone of COVID-19 exploding inside the White House!

Should Mike Pence even be traveling around “campaigning” when he has been around ALL of these people who are at home with Coronavirus? Hell, the president himself refuses to even face the honest limits that the virus itself places on patients. He refuses to be a patient after having tested positive for this deadly disease!

So, what will the existing VP and his competitor be facing on the stage tonight? There was almost a much greater fight about whether there should be a plexiglass wall between these two individuals. Pence tried to argue against it while HE IS the leader of the COVID prevention team!!! We all see at this point how well that played out in the end.

What more can we expect? Are there any questions that will just be a sore point for either side? What is this otherwise collapse of the United States in a loss to the virus? We are completely buried in a heap of embarrassment and shame as all of this progresses.

It seems like there is so much to consider, especially focused on the virus tonight. How have the president and his administration handled it? What does the president’s acquisition of the virus show about their overall response? How are all of these people putting themselves in harm’s way?

I may have to wait until we get a little closer to this actual debate… but there will be plenty to see. I have to say that it will be an intriguing event given the situation that everyone is in right now. The entire nation is on edge, and tensions are high for everyone in at least one manner. So, take a look, and we will get back to it later this evening!

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