We enter the FINAL week…

With so much happening right now during the final week toward the election, what are you able to expect for yourself? There is so much for our country to gain in hopes of recovery from COVID and a return to state unification.

We have had so many voters out early. All across the country there have been millions of people motivated to get to the polls and work toward helping our nation to recover.

We all have a voice. Are you at all afraid of going to the voting site? I know that I am afraid of what would happen if Trump were to end up in office for another 4 years. So, there is a great amount of need for this country to recover in large from a pandemic in multiple ways.

Many crashes have occurred recently due to the overall spike of the Coronavirus over the past couple of weeks. We are up to an average of 70,000 new cases daily in America alone. We are almost the very worst nation in the world regarding the pandemic. We need to recover. We need to save our people. And leadership is the only way for that to be cared for.

So many hot zones have grown all across the country, including the White House itself. And then last night they held an introductory event for the new justice they forced into her seat within a month. And even though there was a super-spreader event right there at the White House a month ago, almost no one at that event last night wore masks. WOW!

With the many associates on the vice president’s team now fighting the virus, the most important thing for this president and their team is to remain in office. To campaign and allow the spread of the virus in the communities where they go to hold riot-like events.

It’s time for all of us to get our voting plans into place. I know that I am lucky enough to walk across the street next Tuesday and wait in line to place my vote right here locally. What are you able to do? How can you speak your position? Use your own voice, the key civil right that we are all allowed as American citizens!

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