COVID Continues to Spike… What’s Next?

Well, there is so much to see in our nation as the number of Coronavirus cases, hospitalizations, and deaths continue to climb (exponentially in some places) from day to day. We are definitely not “rounding the corner” as Trump continues to shout to his rallies and crowds.

Our own president seems to be more of the super-spreader in our nation, rather than the national leader who is supposed to care for the health and safety of everyone across the country. Where do we go from here?

There is one key answer to that question. VOTE! The main right of all Americans, the voice that we all have, the signature we can place upon our country exists in the ballots we turn in with every election.

These are the federal, state, and local leaders that we can elect into their positions. We have the ability to chose the leaders who are there to make changes in our community. And we all know that at this point it is time for improvement. It is time for correction.

So, the next step can be taken by us. Our federal leaders have not been focusing on the COVID pandemic. It is time for us to put a change into place and lead to the next movement for an update of the health and safety of all Americans.

Take yourself to the polls or go drop your ballot into a box and have your vote counted. There is no reason to think that your vote doesn’t matter. It all does. Everyone’s vote counts. Take it to the ballot box! You are American and it is your right to decide the leaders who will make the best decisions for everyone in our country!

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