The ‘Anonymous’ Author Against Trump

It is interesting to watch the reports of the decision of Miles Taylor to finally admit that he was the one to anonymously publish an Op-Ed against the president a couple of years ago.

It was a set of facts that sat with me as an American in 2018. I admit that I have never trusted Trump, as a person or as a politician. But, it has also been interesting to see the number of people from the White House come out against him and his behavior behind his title.

Trump’s inability as Commander-in-Chief is something that so many different former White House employees is something I have gained a great interest to. I have read many of the books published by some of the major figures who ran away from this administration, and have been able to learn about the political reasons that he needs to be removed from office.

And now there is one way that can be done here in the next few days. We have less than a week to make it to the polls. Most all states have their early voting up and running, and most all states of the nation have absentee ballots available. We all have a way to get our voices heard at the polls. It is time for all of us to stand up and speak out, we can all make sure it is a fair election. With the most ballots available as possible, it is the true definition of democracy.

I have to say I love sitting here and watching this CNN interview with Taylor himself, explaining why he expressed this information in this manner. It is intriguing. It says so much about the true freedom of this nation and all of the rights that we have to stand up for ourselves. We all have the right to stand up for our own honor and respectability when it comes to the work that we go to every day, and if you can’t work under a leader who is that incapable, then it is better to move on with an ethical personal advancement. I know that I have felt that way about my own work at times in the past.

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