And Tomorrow is the Day…

I have to admit that there has never in my life been a time that I felt so anxious about an election. Even four years ago when I knew I didn’t want Trump to win, expecting that he would treat our nation like one of our corporations and run it into the ground, I wasn’t truly motivated enough to hit the polls.

But, now the word of the election even has me to the point of exhaustion. I can’t stand the thought of his re-election, and at this point the hope that life will change in the near future is the one thing that will push me out the door first thing tomorrow and across the street to place my vote.

I admit, I am not much of a politician. But, this is something that has been consistently on my mind for quite some time. In the same manner, I think there are millions of Americans who have been so affected by the many issues of our nation this year that the polls have been flooded with early voters.

I’m intrigued to see what the system of vote counting looks like over the next few days. We all know that Trump will throw one of his childish tantrums immediately on election night, whether he is in the lead or not. There will be some reason of sorts for him to throw his arms up in the air screaming at the American people, arguing that something is a complete error and the entire thing is rigged.

Maybe we should all unite among our states and sit together with our masks on and enjoy a good laugh at the reality show that he has made of our nation over the past few years. It’s time to turn a corner for the people of the nation. And that means one type of change at this point…

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