And 2021 looks to be the year of change…

Well, to start out we have an newly elected president. With the plan against the pandemic hopefully to be laid out on the table here in the very near future.

There are so many other changes that seem to be ready to come here in the next few months, starting right after the inauguration that will come in January. Even though the current president refuses to concede to the results of the election, the American population has voted for the coming change.

So, what will we all have to look for over the next four years? At the very least we can look to see the arms of our nation wrapped around the pandemic, saving lives and recovering the economic destruction that has also occurred.

Where else will we go? OR, is there even a reason to think further beyond that at this point? I know that for me, even though issues like energy, the environment, climate, healthcare, and others all sit out there, there is one thing that needs to be handled at first. The pandemic. We need to officially get COVID-19 behind us.

I can only hope that there will be some more stability and trust established within our government. We might be able to see some more faith in democracy return to our nation. At this point my fingers are crossed.

Let’s come together as a country and take it step by step to pull things together. Reduce the number of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths. And then we can move forward from there.

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