It’s Time to Start Thinking about Steps Forward

Okay, so we all know that it sucks to lose. It sucks when the results of any contest don’t turn out the way we want them to. BUT, it’s now time to take a breath, refresh, and think about how we will all work on updating our nation in 2021.

The Biden supporters got to party in the streets on Saturday. The Trump supporters got to pout and cry about their loss. Now, the party and protest need to end. We are still on the verge or reaching another overwhelming point in this pandemic, which includes 10 million cases here in the United States alone.

If we are about to work together as the UNITED States of America, it is important that we all listen to the plan that is coming from this president-elect. We all need to work together to plan on what can be done all across the nation and world to help overcome this pandemic.

Let’s all smile about the fact that Pfizer has apparently reached a positive point in their testing leading to the hope of 90% effectiveness in their vaccine. That is one thing that will help in the future.

We can all do something right now! Do exactly what the CDC has told us to do for months. Something that many of our governors have put in requirement across their states. Put on a mask. Wash your hands regularly. Keep a safe, social distance from those around you.

We all have the potential to start taking some steps to repairing our nation in 2021. It can look much better than the last 9 months have been.

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