Can We Handle the Pandemic Under the Current President’s Behavior?

Okay, seriously. America is looking more and more like a joke to the rest of the world, especially in response to the pandemic that we are all facing.

We have the national resources to manage this pandemic and we have taken advantage of NONE of them for the past nine months. It’s time to come to terms with several things even if the current president wants to continue sputtering out ridiculous claims about the election.

Does he seriously care nothing about the health and safety of the American people? We are at the point of having well over 100,000 new cases daily for almost two weeks now, and we are also well past the point of 240,000 deaths.

Trump says not a single word about the pandemic. He is expressing only points about the safety issues he hopes to break during the final two months he has. He is fighting for things like having his own loyalists in office. He wants to pardon people (and possibly himself). And worst of all, the transition period has not begun. Our national security can only be managed if this were to occur.

Let’s all keep an eye on the chaos that our nation will remain under until the official date of Biden’s inauguration.

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