Record COVID Numbers Lead to Possible Reversal

Now, I already know that I have myself set to a sort of moderate “lock down” even if we don’t like that word as a nation. It provides a feeling of imprisonment or lack of control. However, it is important to maintain our own personal health and safety and that of those around us as well. We all have to work together.

AND, we are reaching the point where businesses are having to take steps backward due to the record number of cases that keep rising every day. Even schools are likely to have to close again, leading to a much more challenging academic year.

What else could possibly happen if there is no real transition? We all know that the current president is that he prefers to focus on conspiracy theories in relation to the election over Coronavirus. He wants to think that the fact that a couple of medical companies have worked to create viruses lead to the placement of the pandemic in the past. Trump doesn’t want to face the fact of the hundreds of thousands of new cases that are coming along every day all throughout America.

What do you think is important to increase the safety of the American people during this time? While there is a leader who wants to deny the positive effects of masks, social distancing, and staying away from internal group events as much as possible, there is the potential for these numbers to continue increasing.

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