National Security at Risk with the Transition to Biden on Hold

There are so many issues to be considered when it comes to the transition of power as it takes place consistently in the United States. Unfortunately, this is one time regularly when international adversaries make it a point to see what sort of trouble arises in the U.S., leaving them with the ability to sneak their way in with additional trouble.

Thinking back to the delays that came after the 2000 election and the counting of votes in one state, the security teams that followed the 9/11 have much information to offer. Knowing that there was not much going on in the traditional smooth transition of power, certain groups were able to find a better way into the U.S. national security during this period. The government was more focused on the re-count of Florida votes than smoothly transitioning power from one administration to the next.

Now we have a sitting president who has the ability to be a quality person thinking of the American people and their safety nationwide, and he would rather continue bitching and whining about his own conspiracy theories. This has the potential to place our entire country at risk.

We have several large issues to be solved across our nation, including the virus itself, the economic issues as a result of the virus, and the challenge related to distributing the coming vaccines. All of those things need to be handed over to the Biden administration smoothly, and it is simply not being done in any way right now.

What else may come? What other nations and groups around the world may find their way into the cracks of American national security during the next couple of months? We can only hope that there will be some sort of reversal of this situation VERY VERY SOON.

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