One Million Cases in 6 Days

This leads to the text phrase “OMG!” Think of the fact that it took over 3 months during the beginning of the pandemic to reach the first million cases here in the United States. Now, the surge in the spread across our nation has spiked to the point that we are having 1,000,000 new cases in less than a week? WOW!

So, what can we do from here? It has become clearer and clearer that the sitting president has no desire whatsoever to speak up to the current surge of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths across the country. He wants live in the mythical world where this is a virus that lies in the past. He claims that is has already been resolved.

Seriously? Okay, so we have two pharmaceutical companies nearing the end of their development of vaccines against the virus, but some of the most experienced health professionals across the country state that this won’t work like a light switch, turning the pandemic off overnight.

The distribution of the vaccine will be a challenging course. It must be stored at a very cold temperature, making both the logistics and storage of the content hard to manage, while the distribution of the vaccine to patients also has to be managed very closely. So, we may all be excited about the fact that the initial production of these vaccines is getting close, we should all keep working to manage the virus itself in our communities.

Those three main safety tasks can help improve the overall safety and health of the country. If we could just get a much larger percentage of the nation to wear masks and avoid going to closely contained places when it isn’t needed, then we may be able to start reducing some of these overwhelming daily numbers!

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