Fighting the Fatigue

Well, there is so much happening all throughout 2020 that has left all of us completely exhausted. Physically and emotionally. There is really no way to alleviate the stress that the pandemic has placed upon everyone in some way or another.

However, we are all now walking right into the darkest winter season that most any of us have ever seen in our lives. I know that I have never seen anything even remotely close to this, despite the times that we end up with heavy occurrences of the flu or other illnesses.

There is so much more to be done. With millions of Americans denying the recommendation not to travel this Thanksgiving, it is hard to anticipate what things will look like in the next few weeks.

Luckily, there is a president elect who is willing to remain empathetic, positive, and kind, but there is something missing. Hope. We all need the hope that things will recover, and that all of us will be able to recover from this pandemic that is literally killing our nation, one person at a time.

Now, where do we go? We can only hope that the people taking over the airlines this week will at least wear their masks as required, both on the airplane and with their family. Let’s hope that college students only going home for a few days will remain as safe as possible if they will be in the vicinity of their senior relatives.

I must admit, that I have my mother (a nurse) driving up here to visit us for the Holiday weekend. However, I am still scared. I know that she is comfortable following CDC recommendations, but we are all guilty of slipping up now and then. It’s easy to take the mask off too soon or when you are too close to a relative. It’s easy to forget to wash your hands CONSTANTLY. We can all only be so careful every minute of the day.

I know that I am lucky for being at home alone all throughout this pandemic, even though it ends up being much more depressing in the end. Will we all be able to watch out for the safety of everyone else as well? We can only hope.

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