Wow! Another Oil Spill…

Okay, we have faced so many natural disasters over the past decade with the increased global warming taking a toll on our planet. Therefore, it’s hard to believe that any oil company within the United States would fall risk to any sort of oil spill. Even more so, this is surprising along the West Coast, where our country holds so many animal and environmental parks and conservancies.

So, what can we see from the oil spill facing Orange County, California, this very weekend? Having watched a report on the news about thousands of dead fish flooding the beaches of California after at least 126,000 gallons of oil leaked into the Pacific Ocean.

I know that our natural and environmental protection groups are able to work quickly to recover from issues like this, but how can we truly overcome the thousands of animals who lose their lives as a result? The Huntington Beach Wetlands Conservancy is right there, which is home to over 90 species of birds.

According to a report in KTLA news, “Officials on Sunday said they’ve measured a 5.8-mile oil plume running from the Huntington Beach Pier to Newport Beach, and was reported to be approximately 13 square miles in size.'”

Even more so, there is a great deal of damage that has already been done throughout the forests of California over the past three or four years with some of the worst forest fires in history. With hundreds of thousands of acres of trees and fields completely destroyed along with thousands of homes in the area, there is so much to question about all the risks facing the state of California and our nation as a whole.

Another report by CNN has shown a great deal more about the destruction placed on California nature by this very oil spill:

“The oil has infiltrated the entirety of the (Talbert) Wetlands. There’s significant impacts to wildlife there…These are wetlands that we’ve been working with the Army Corps of Engineers, with the Land Trust, with all the community wildlife partners to make sure to create this beautiful, natural habitat for decades. And now in just a day, it’s completely destroyed.”

With all of this, it’s so hard to trust our planet in almost any manner at this point. we have such a concern about hurricanes, floods, and now oil spills. And with all of this, we have to keep a tight hold on not only our animals and homes, but likely our own lives and our children as well!

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