What Are the Most Profitable College Degrees?

Introduction: The Advice to Follow My Dreams and Goals


I have been thinking so much lately about my college degree considering the limited job selection out there, or at least the high competition level for the jobs that are available. So my mind often wanders back to the days before I left for college and the vague advice that I received from my stepmother that was something of the following… “Just be sure you get a degree. You can major whatever you are interested in, just be sure you get a high GPA, but graduate well and there will be a job out there for you when you get out.” I guess she was thinking of the economy from her younger days when she was graduating from high school and getting an earlier job with a larger corporation and able to move up the ladder slowly and stay with that company for many years. Oh, things are not quite the same this day in age. So I was thinking about those millions of young high school graduates getting ready to head off to college and planning on their majors and thinking of their passions for the future and what they want to do with the rest of their lives, and if their advice should be more along the lines of what the most prominent careers available for the future are than simply what they love and want to do might be. They might want to look at a list of what they best options available are and take a moment to think of which of those options might look to be the most promising. 

I Loved My College Major, But Was That Good Enough?

So, when I set out for college I thought of my passion for books and writing and became an English and Comparative Literature major. I loved reading books and writing papers and hoped to become a writer or editor someday. Even though I did eventually graduate from college with a very high GPA those jobs were not very easy to acquire in my hometown, and with limited writing experience and limited ability to move away to another city my hopes and dreams were a bit null. So I have done a little reading to see what the best options to choose from for some of those youngsters out there thinking of what there college major should be when they are setting out for campus in the next year or two and planning what their lifelong career should be for the next thirty or forty years.

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