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Coffee Alternatives to Reduce Your Caffeine Intake

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I don’t know about you, but lately I feel much healthier by keeping my caffeine intake to a minimum. So, I made a health and wellness promise to myself to stop drinking coffee in the morning. Not too long ago I had a blog topic on coffee alternatives for a client of mine that helped me choose some of these healthier morning drinks of my own.

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You likely drink soda when you need some caffeine to up your energy later in the day. Am I right?

But, it is helpful to know the other alternatives to coffee when you need caffeine. Even when you’re looking for something a little healthier to drink there are many options. You may need to wake up a little, but there may be a little bit more of a need to boost your energy while even turning down your caffeine intake just a bit.

A good suggestion to prepare your search for alternatives to coffee is to look for any flavor of “tea” that you like. Many of them are already naturally caffeinated and you can use them to make smoothies and healthy drinks. Additionally, many teas, caffeinated or not, are helpful to gain energy with the herbal supplements included in them. They also add to your energy throughout the day. I can honestly admit that my favorites have become Teecino and Chicory Root. I can brew these like coffee and even mix in a little organic tea for additional herbal benefits.

Coffee Alternatives

Some of the most commonly recommended coffee alternatives for caffeine and energy boosts include the following:

It’s incredible to see all these types of coffee alternatives and various types of tea that offer caffeine substitutes and alternatives. You may have the choice to find an alternative drink to still find a healthier source of caffeine or maybe even find an energy source that could remove caffeine from your diet. Either way, there is much you can do to improve the health of your diet and reduce the effects of caffeine on you. So, there are many different drinks you can alternate and still increase your energy all throughout the day!

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