Enhance your overall wellness with Kripalu Yoga

More than just poses on a mat, yoga is an accessible practice that inspires connection, compassion, and joy. For 48 years, Kripalu has been a national leader in yoga- and mindfulness-based education, and we are dedicated to staying connected and supporting you during this difficult time.

Kripalu Yoga teaches us to live the power of our practice on and off the mat. In Kripalu Yoga, we learn to direct our focus within and access the body’s wisdom. Rather than strive to perfect the mechanics of a pose, Kripalu Yoga uses postures and other yogic techniques to reveal the true nature of who we are. Join our community of teachers and share your passion with the world.

Kripalu yoga ranges from Gentle Yoga to Beginners’ Yoga to Intermediate and Vigorous Yoga. Take a look at the difference between these different levels of the course:

  1. Gentle Kripalu Yoga classes are meditative, fluid, and soothing. Experience slow movements to warm the body and release muscular tension; breathing techniques to calm the nervous system; and simple postures to build stability.
  2. Beginner Kripalu Yoga is accessible and enlivening. You’re guided through foundational postures and breathing techniques. Expect clear instruction and a steady pace. This class is perfect for anyone starting out their yoga journey, as well as for those seeking a return to the basics.
  3. Intermediate Kripalu Yoga classes explore the balance between effort and ease. The aim of this class is to strengthen the body by sustaining more challenging postures at a moderate pace, and developing mental focus through meditation and breathing practices. This class is ideal for those already practicing yoga, though newcomers who feel fit and strong are also welcome.
  4. Kripalu Vigorous Yoga classes offer graceful, powerful sequences that encourage you to explore your edge. This class requires a keen sense of body awareness and enough familiarity with yoga to modify as needed. Kripalu Vigorous is ideal for those interested in a strong practice with a challenging flow.

For many, Kripalu yoga extends into their daily lives and it can be the source of great spiritual and mental transformation as well as physical health. This is a very popular style and it’s definitely something to consider as you explore yoga. Kripalu appeals to people who want to work both physically and spiritually to improve their health and sense of well-being. The gentle and individualized approach makes it a good choice for students who can benefit from an adaptive practice. This includes people with arthritis, seniors, and anyone who may be overweight. Kripalu is also a wonderful introductory practice for almost anyone who has never done yoga before.